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feverfew copyBy definition “Iridology is the science of diagnosis using the iris of the eye.” The study of the iris of the eye can help reveal the constitution, health, inherent weaknesses and changes that have taken place in a persons body according to their lifestyle.

The Theory behind Iridology

The iris contains thousands of nerve filaments which receive nerve impulses via the optic nerve and spinal cord from the brain and nervous system. Through this connection, the iris of the eye is a mirror reflecting the condition of every organ and tissue of the body. By the way of nerve reflex responses, the nerve fibres in the iris receive messages of specific tissue changes in the body and their corresponding locations, resulting in visable discolourations, markings and texture changes in the iris. Iris analysis may pinpoint not only current health problems, but also past and potential problems.

The Consultation

In an Iridology consultation both the left and right irises are studied with the use of a high magnification lens and an iris torch, the Iridologist’s findings are then recorded on a case sheet and explained to the patient. A personal health care plan may then be offered, this will be a programme designed to meet your needs and lifestyle.  It may include herbal preparations        ( tinctures, capsules, teas), that both cleanse and strengthen the system, and dietary and nutritional (vitamins, minerals) advice. This will be dependant on the Iridologists other Qualifications and Therapies practised.

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