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Craniosacral Therapy

pansy copyThis form of Osteopathy is a comprehensive, holistic therapy which can be helpful with many conditions, from physical injuries and functional disorders (digestive, nervous), to emotional disturbances and persistent symptoms of unknown cause. It may also encourage a general improvement in health and energy on many levels, and help to re-balance the system following illness and injury.

It has many specific advantages:

- It is extremely gentle and may be suitable in painful or delicate conditions, for example working with infants and the elderly.

- Animals can respond very well as it is non-invasive and very relaxing, particularly if they are in pain and or nervous.

- It can support many conditions which are specifically craniosacral in origin: for example the subtle effects of head injuries.

The Craniosacral session

This treatment is exceptionally gentle, the practitioner simply places their hands very gently on the patients body and by the application of the softest of pressures, balances the subtle twists, pulls and misalignments reflected through the system. The treatment may be individually tailored to work on many levels; on the skeleton, organs and muscles, or the fluid system of the spinal cord; the heart of the Craniosacral system itself.

Conditions that may respond favourably

  • anxiety and tension
  • back problems; joint pain; sciatica
  • breathing disorders
  • digestive problems
  • infants: cranial; sleep; feeding issues
  • learning difficulties; dyslexia; hyperactivity
  • migraine
  • post-viral syndrome; M.E

Canine Craniosacral Therapy

  • back problems
  • beneficial for working dogs; gun dogs; dogs in harness; agility
  • lack of confidence; anxiety; (showing, working)
  • lameness
  • muscle spasm
  • loss of strength (old age); weak hips
  • post-injury recovery; shock

Equine Craniosacral Therapy

  • back problems
  • difficulties when using bit and bridle
  • difficulties under saddle
  • general nervousness
  • lameness
  • post-injury recovery; shock
  • problems relating to gait; conformation
  • problems with the head and neck; head shaking
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